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oakville curling club

Oakville Curling Club – 60 years and still going strong

This year marked the 60th anniversary of the Oakville Curling Club. As part of the club’s anniversary celebration a wonderful video retrospective of the club’s history was commissioned. Learn more about the history of the Oakville Curling Club through this impressive historical video:

Kevin Martin

Still struggles with the World Curling Tour

Interesting reading the piece by George Karrys on the World Curling Tour about the pains still being felt despite the series rescue this past summer. One subject of the WCT Great Debate has been blowing hot and cold for decades, and recently reared its ugly head during Tour Week 8 in early October. Fans and […]

Winter is coming - curling

Winter is coming

…and we’re sure you can’t wait as well. Curling season will indeed be here soon. Cheers to Courtney Shaw on Facebook for this great teaser photo.