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Big year for Martin with Olympic Gold win

Kevin Martin

Kevin MartinKevin Martin and his Alberta rink sure did deliver in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. They took the Olympic Golf for Men’s Curling and cemented their place in the hearts of Canadian curling fans everywhere.

Here’s a quick run-through of some of the memorable moments:

First off, a nice tap-back by Martin against Team USA in the round robin:

Next, Martin draws to the button for a win against Switzerland:

John Morris with a nice double in the Gold Medal game:

The crowd breaks out into ‘Oh Canada’ for the Gold Medal game:

And the Golden moment with Martin’s last shot:

Here is a better version from CTVOlympics, click here. (sorry, couldn’t embed)

Jason Gunnlaugson joining the Russians


Jason Gunnlaugson

I’m not sure if this is what young curler Jason Gunnlaugson grew up dreaming about. But now that the Manitoba native has been recruited by the Russian federation to be a full-time curler and train to be the country’s entry in the next Olympics, it creates a very interesting dilemma. Could he possibly pass up the chance to be paid handsomely ($100k a year) to curl professionally and compete in the next games, even if it meant vying for a medal with another country?

It’s a tough question to be sure.

The Winnipeg Sun has been following the story closely and updates can be found here, here and here.

Columnist Gary Engstrom probably said it best with this observation:

Don’t misunderstand, the target of my venom here is not Gunnlaugson, Richter, and Forrest for making the deal. In truth, most of us would have been hard-pressed to refuse such a lucrative offer to trade nation for personal gain.

No, the real jerks are Russian Olympic officials for stooping to such lengths and using loopholes in International Olympic Committee rules to hire mercenaries. Their goal is to win medals at any cost and maybe, just maybe, trick the Russian population into thinking they know what they’re doing.

What do you think? What would you do if you were in his shoes? An how do you feel about the sanctity of the Olympic Games when countries stoop to these antics to try and buy medals?

I’d be interested in your thoughts in the comments below.

Video: Stephen Colbert and US Olympic Curling team – CURL

A funny mash-up video you might like of musical artist Jonathan Coulton’s song ‘Curl‘ and the Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert as he hams it up with the US Olympic Curling team in advance of the Winter Olympic Games.

Fortunately it didn’t do much much for the US team as John Shuster’s rink didn’t fare well in the games.

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