But was it cheating?

Calgary Herald columnist Al Cameron has launched a great new blog and today I noticed an interesting post he wrote about Russian skip Liudmila Privivkova’s team and an alleged (foot wedge) sweeping violation they committed that has caused somewhat of a stir:

Sweeping used to be the one big area where you’d find rulebreakers who used dumping techniques — in essence, moving debris in front of the rock with their brooms in an attempt to either slow it down or adjust its line — to some perceived advantage, although the big problem today, I think, is that nobody really understands the convoluted language of modern sweeping rules, so it’s tough to actually break the rules.

Here is the visual evidence from Youtube:

So, what do you think? We’d like to know.

For the record we think its looks a little suspicious and here is what Al Cameron thought:

First of all, I tip my cap to anyone who can use their foot that precisely to help make a shot, so I have an extremely hard time believing she did it on purpose. I believe it was purely accidental.

But — and this is a Sir Mix-A-Lot big but — I also have an extremely hard time believing she didn’t know her foot had touched the running stone, and therefore, it was up to Ezekh (the sweeper on left) to tell someone she’d done it. And, after a round of oh-so-Euro high-fives all around, she did no such thing. And that’s reprehensible. In Canada, a player who did that would be, quite rightly, ostracized as a cheat and would have a hard time finding a new team.

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  • The Danish trainer, the daddy removed probably!
    In each game there are mistakes and the Danish girls see all. Means it so it was necessary.
    Goooooood CurlinG.

  • she definitely changed the direction of the rock. However, if she hadn’t touched it, she would have had a better shot, with a little roll to the left.
    Nipigon Curling Club
    Karen Hardy

  • I looked over and over at the footage. I dont know what your talking about the rock moving. I didnt see it. I saw the replay, the slow motion. But after a while I saw it.

    Her skip should have said something.

  • Yea. That’s not very good sportsman ship. If you watch just as the rock is passing the guard you can see the shooter is only going to hit about 3/4 of the rock and roll away from center but it ends up nosing the rock.

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