Kids, it’s time to Youtube – Curling style

It seems like Youtube is everywhere these days. For gosh sakes they are even showing Youtube videos on Canada AM every morning ??

Well, now its time for curling to get into the act. We received this note from a reader today who is trying to drum up interest in the curling section of the ubiquitous website:

Perhaps you can pass the word along… We’re looking for curling videos to add
to our YouTube group.

Anyone with a unique perspective on the world’s “coolest” sport can add their
video to

We have some great videos already posted, along with an exclusive preview of
Canadian director David Ostry’s ode to the game, “Drinkers with a Curling

So, if you have a video, post it up. If you don’t, go shoot a video and give it a try.

We’ll check in in a few days and post some of the best videos here.

Good luck and have fun. Â

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  • You think Curling is a SPORT?! Come on! I think you should have to at least sweat to call it a sport… I dont mean sweat from yelling HURRY! Hurry what? Hurry bring me a beer?! Get real people, Curling in the Olympics is a JOKE! Whats next, Lawn Bowling and Shuffle Board as Olympic sports? Bah!
    Maybe they can add CHESS to the “sport” catagory too, thats about as exciting to watch as curling!

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