No surprise in Harris return to Ontario

In hearing the news earlier this week that Mike Harris was returning to Ontario, as reported by the Curling News, can’t say I’m really surprised – for a couple of reasons. But, then again for someone like me who is also involved in the golf business, it would have been hard for me to say no to the Banff Springs as well (but it will look good on your resume Mike)!

First off, from a media standpoint, his CBC gig seems to be going very well. To my eye he has developed into one of the better curling analysts we see on television these days and you can certainly tell that his comfort level is high. With the CBC being based here, and with Toronto generally being the sports media hub of Canada – this is where he needed to be.

Also, from a curling perspective, to move from a competitive province like Ontario to a super-competitive arena like Alberta in the first place seemed like sporting suicide. To have 2 of the top teams in the world in Ferbey and martin to go through to make a Brier, that is tough. Never mind the depth of top-quality team beyond those two…

Lastly, it is good to see him land at the Donalda Club – a place where he got his start in the business and where he will have a certain comfort level. Let’s hope this is a good move for Mike in the long-run.

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  • The move is strictly business related. Golf is my career, curling is my pastime. Banff is a great place, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone.
    The Donalda Club is a special place to me and my family and I are looking forward to returning.
    No curling aspirations or frustrations were involved in the move, or CBC either for that matter.
    To move from dealing with the Werenich/Howard/Middaugh province throughout my career, to Alberta with Ferbey/Martin is no big deal. Can’t beat em at provincials, certainly won’t beat em at the Brier! If curling was an issue, I would have moved to Yellowknife! (Or should have years ago!!)
    See you on the ice,
    Mike Harris

  • Good to have you back in Ontario, Mike.

    See you at the provincials and, hopefully, farther up the curling ladder.

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