Kevin Koe – what a season!

Our hats go off to Alberta’s Kevin Koe who had a fantastic season this year capturing the Tim Horton’s Brier and going on to take the Ford World Championships a few weeks later.

Koe certainly took advantage of his opportunities this year. First off, not having to face nemesis Kevin Martin in the Alberta playdowns, he knocked off Randy Ferbey’s team to secure the Brier berth for Alberta. He and his team then played progressively better and better as the Brier week went along, culminating in a sweet extra-ends victory over Glenn Howard in the final. The cold draw that Koe made in the final end (see video below) was clutch, that’s all I can say. Congrats.

Video: Stephen Colbert and US Olympic Curling team – CURL

A funny mash-up video you might like of musical artist Jonathan Coulton’s song ‘Curl‘ and the Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert as he hams it up with the US Olympic Curling team in advance of the Winter Olympic Games.

Fortunately it didn’t do much much for the US team as John Shuster’s rink didn’t fare well in the games.

New local city curling club listings on

Due to popular demand we have added some new local city curling club listings to

We’re hoping to make it easier for to find the best local club in your area.

We’ll be adding listings for all the major centres across Canada over the next while, but here is our first set of listings. We hope you find it helpful.

Toronto Curling Clubs
Hamilton Curling Clubs
Ottawa Curling Clubs
Thornhill Curling Clubs
Sudbury Curling Clubs
Kingston Curling Clubs
Montreal Curling Clubs
Vancouver Curling Clubs
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Ideas for small (and large clubs) in difficult times

An interesting post over at the Blind River CC blog as Glen Austin revisited a curling syposium that was put on earlier this summer by the NOCA (Northern Ontario Curling Assoc).

The symposium centered around the operational aspects of maintaining a successful club – especially as things have gotten more challenging. Things like insurance, member recruiting and media sterategies were covered.

What stood out more than ever was the need to look at curling from a business standpoint. With times being the way they are, small clubs ( and larger clubs!) need to get creative in moving forward and maintaining the club. Undoubtedly, there is definitely a need to look to outside funding sources for revenues needed for club maintenance. These monies by and large can only be accessed by those clubs which are “Not for Profit”. This is where our club has to go and as fast as we can. I was surprised to see how many clubs have already done this,…and already accessing dollars for various initiatives within the club.

Interesting read if your club is looking at their future path as many others are…

Monday Night Curling

No this isn’t your Monday night rec league, but a funny clip of a classic SCTV skit with the (late) John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy and Rick Moranis. Great stuff – enjoy…

Observations: Day 1 of TSN Skins Game


  • First and foremost for the digital enthusiast: curling looks unbelievable in High Definition – this is marked as the first event to be broadcast 100% in HD
  • Semifinal #1: in a squirrelly game on the new ice Howard gets the breaks early and Middaugh gets them late, when it counts, and takes the first match
  • The Rama Entertainment centre ice, sitting on top of the room’s concrete floor, played as you would expect in the first game. But should be kenner by the time Sunday’s final rolls around
  • Is the best still to come for Wayne Middaugh: he seems to have just been ‘hanging around’ the high echelons on the game the past few years. Will we see Wayne take a run at a Brier or an Olympic berth in the next few seasons? I suppose he has to get out of Ontario (and by Glenn Howard’s team) first…
  • Remains to be seen is Howard’s team has the same magic as they did a season ago. maybe its time to switch up those white belts??

More later…

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